Taste of the South dinner at The Farm, Old Edwards Inn – Highlands Culinary Weekend

There is distinct and wonderful flavor in foods that are prepared with a short amount of time between harvesting and your plate.  In fact, some of the items prepared that evening were shipped in their native soil and cut from the plant just before serving.  Chef Johannes and his team created many delightful and creative dishes that truly highlighted the local and fresh ingredients that were brought in for the dinner.

Chef Todd Owen is frying fresh donuts for dessert

With two of my favorite local farmers, Zeb Jolley and Dave Taylor


At the end of a very successful event with Chef Johannes

Chef Johannes and the team at The Farm and Old Edwards outdid themselves on this event.  It was an enjoyable evening with great food and friends and a reminder of the importance of our smaller farmers and their dedication to making a difference in our foods.

We thought you might enjoy this short recap of the evening with a little live music from Curtis Blackwell and his Bluegrass Band.


Enjoy your weekend!


Disclosure – We were guests of The Farm and Old Edwards Inn for this dinner.  The opinions expressed about the event are my own and I was in no way compensated for writing this post.

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