Southern Heat

Southern Heat – New Southern Cooking, Latin Style

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Our cookbook collaboration with Chef Anthony Lamas, Southern Heat – New Southern Cooking, Latin Style, is now available on Amazon.

Here’s what people are saying about Southern Heat:
“There are few chefs I have encountered on my travels who approach sub-Mason Dixon cuisine with the skill or the imagination of Chef Anthony Lamas. Anthony balances impeccable technique and his passion for the South with Latin energy and a level of creativity that makes his cooking a genuinely one-off proposition. Southern Heat is the perfect balance of culinary location and culinary heritage.”
Simon Majumdar, Author and Broadcaster

“Southern Heat showcases the great potential for diversity in American cooking. Its recipes are resplendent with chiles, but anchored in the history of the regional foods of Kentucky.”
Hugh Acheson, Chef and Author

“I’ve cooked with and against Anthony Lamas more than a few times and finally have his secrets in his first book. Southern Heat is an American treasure with a Latin beat.”
Bobby Flay, Chef

“If there is one chef who captures the essence of the emerging multicultural South and our evolving cuisines, it is Anthony Lamas. This book reflects the exciting evolution in our food and our culture by beautifully blending heritages into a very personal and passionate style of cooking. In Gwen Pratesi, Anthony has found a magnificent person to translate that passion and perspective into something all of us can enjoy.”
John Fleer, Chef/Owner, Rhubarb

“Southern Heat brings the fire in classic Anthony Lamas style! His southern favorites like Shrimp and Grits and Pecan Brittle, spiced up with the bold flavors of the Latin American larder, are irresistible, and destined to become new standards in your kitchen. Cook this book deeply, and often.”
Matt Lee and Ted Lee, Authors of The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen

“A personal and delicious journey showcasing the ever-changing state of southern food. Southern Heat is filled with an inspiring mashup of two of my favorite cuisines. This book will make you want to cook all day and all night.”
Sean Brock, Chef/Owner, Husk

For a preview of the book, please turn through the pages below.