Highlands, North Carolina – The Lick Log Mill Store

Highlands, North Carolina – The Lick Log Mill Store

What a surprise! This was a store filled with some really delightful handmade crafts by American artisans. The one exception is a line of beautifully made baskets from Cambodia. (I purchased one and a picture of it is in the Peach Cheesecake Pots with a Biscotti Crumble post). The nicest surprise was the store owner, Karen. What a delightful lady! She told us that the building was originally a chapel. They added on the back of the building and have been in business since 1978. They even live right behind the store in a house up on the hill.

Yours truly selecting a Flameware piece.

There were some of the most incredible woven baskets, some made of oak. One of the weavers is Gregory Baskets located in Pleasant Shade, Tennessee. They were not inexpensive pieces, but the intricacy and craftsmanship was incredible and this type of work is surely becoming a lost art. There was also a line of pottery from New Hampshire called Flameware. We had been looking for a lead free pot that I could use on the stove as well as in the oven and I found it here! I will be cooking something in it soon, so be sure to look for the post.

Beautiful craftsmanship in the Gregory Baskets.

I made several nifty and unusual purchases. They definitely carry items you do not see often (if ever) and the store was so much fun to just browse through. There were all kinds of kitchen gadgets and novelties for the home that are difficult to find and many are one-of-a-kind pieces, such as the clocks. They were some of the most interesting items that Karen has. They are made by a gentleman who has a degree in physics. His studio in Connecticut is called Wood That Works. They are truly fascinating to watch.

While there, I decided that I would do a post on the store and asked Karen if that would be okay. She was kind enough to oblige. I gave her my business card and told her about my blog. She told me that she and her husband do not use the internet and they never have. Her business is done the old fashioned way – by meeting people in person or over the phone. That is how she has always sourced her vendors. Although Karen is not online, you will find some information about some of her vendors as well as some other pictures by guests if you Google the store name. Several people have done paintings of the store and the car out front, so it is pretty well known in this area.

Broom, anyone?

I told her that I would print out a copy of the post and bring it to her since she does not have internet access. We then went to pay for our great finds with a credit card and were told that she only accepts “Cash, Check or I Owe You”! We really had stepped back in time here. Of course, we had to do the I Owe You thing and brought her a check the next day.

There are all sorts of neat things to look at outside, too.

There are so many wonderful little places that we pass every day and say we want to visit or things that we need to do and never get around to. I say, take the time and just do it! What a wonderful gem we have missed all these years by never taking the time to see what was inside. We will go back often now and have told many friends about The Lick Log Mill. And when we no longer come to Highlands on a regular basis, but return as visitors, we will still be sure to drop in and say hello to Karen.

Enjoy your holiday!

Lick Log Mill Store
4321 Dillard Road
Highlands, North Carolina 28741-6687
(828) 526-3934


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