Nutella Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache for a Fond Farewell

Nutella Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache for a Fond Farewell

As some of you may know, I recently enrolled in a photography class here in Atlanta to learn how to take better photos for my blog. When I started my blog last November, I was not aware of the incredible importance of having beautiful pictures to go along with your recipes. I knew many food bloggers had breathtaking shots on their posts, but I figured that I would never get there, so why bother.

Well, then…I changed my mind! Every woman has the prerogative to do that, so I did! I decided that I too would like to have some pretty pictures of my food (maybe not as pretty as many, but definitely an improvement from the early days).

So, I enrolled in Digital 101 to relieve my husband from his photography duties to really understand some of the fundamentals of a digital camera. Now, of course, my hubby could have explained the same things (since he is really good at taking pictures), but it always seems to make more sense when you pay to hear the exact same information! I do not know why that is true, but it is!

I was so committed to learning how to better my photo skills this that I actually went to Oakland Cemetery in the pouring down rain one Sunday afternoon for a class field trip. Only two drenched fools students showed up that day. Some of the other people waited until a sunny day and did their homework assignment then. Why did I not do that??? Heh, at least it showed my sincere desire to learn! Besides, how much creepier can a cemetery be than on a rainy, dark and windy day? It made for perfect pics of frightening things (if you are into that).

Since I wanted to get better at food photography, I was bringing in photos of my food every week to show my progress for my homework assignments (that of course, would be every week other than the week I took the creepy cemetery pics!). While other people were bringing in pictures of scenery, weddings, co-workers, screaming toddlers, flowers, etc. I was sharing cupcakes, steak and rice salad! Well, guess who got to bring show and tell to the last class?! That would be me! (How come they didn’t ask the one girl to bring in her screaming toddler???)

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