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Here is a video of my day at Disney.  Please be sure to change the setting to HD (Hi Definition – 720p) .  It’s the little wheel in the lower right that changes the video settings.

This was only my second trip to Disney.  Ever.  The last time was 22 years ago when I spent a week with the family.  Unfortunately, with only one full day this visit, I had to move fast.  I spent time at Epcot on my own early in the day.  I was then joined by my stepson, William, and his wife, Laura, and we headed over to the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the afternoon.  I thought I’d share some of the photos from that day.  Mr. B also created a short movie from the video I shot of the actors and musicians at Epcot and the Mickey Parade at Magic Kingdom (it’s directly above).

A little Parisian experience with in France with Lumière and Cogsworth

Be our guest in France with Lumière and Cogsworth

Street musicians and acrobats in France

Street musicians and acrobats in France

Even the pastries reminded me of France

Even the pastries reminded me of a French pattiserie

And it's off to Morocco

And it’s off to Morocco!

Headed into the markets

Heading into the bazaar

Just a little bit of shopping at the bazaar

Just a little bit of shopping at the bazaar

While I am not a fan of rides like Tower of Terror (I rode that one many years ago and thought I’d lose my lunch) I do enjoy a good thrill, so I did some thrill seeking on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Test Track at Epcot.  BTW, Test Track is the fastest ride at the parks and it was my favorite.  Weeee…

Konnichiwa, Japan!

Konnichiwa, Japan!


Buongiorno, Italy!

Guten Tag, Germany!

Guten Tag, Germany!

Bokmål, Norway!

Bokmål, Norway!

nǐ hǎo - 你好, China!

nǐ hǎo – 你好, China!

Hola! The Fiesta Boat Tour with the Three Caballeros

Hola! The Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico with the Three Caballeros

This ride literally hasn't changed in 22 years

This ride literally hasn’t changed in 22 years

We finished off the day with dinner at The Grand Floridian and of course, no day at Disney is complete without the evening’s fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom and I watched it from the dock at The Grand Floridian.  Early the next morning, I was off to New Orleans for a tour with the Gulf Coast Seafood folks, so I had to miss the final brunch event, A Taste of Orlando, sponsored by Visit Orlando.  I’ll be writing about the seafood trip to the Gulf Coast very soon.  Until then, Au revoir!

The Mickey Mouse Parade at the Magic Kingdom

The Mickey Mouse Parade at the Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Castle

Cinderella’s Castle

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