On the Road to Winston-Salem, NC and a Recipe for Moravian Sugar Cake

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We recently traveled to Winston-Salem in search of what they had to offer in the way of a unique food culture.  Located in north central North Carolina, Winston, as it is casually called, is home to traditional Southern ingredients and cooking techniques.  Similar to many other cities in the South, their cuisine is influenced by the foods of Africa, the Mediterranean, and Western Europe.  However, Winston-Salem is also influenced by Eastern Europe cuisine and the German-Protestant heritage of the Moravians.

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Traditional Moravian dress

This group of settlers, who originated from ancient Bohemia and Moravia (in what is the present-day Czech Republic), migrated to Germany and then to Pennsylvania.  Bringing their church and people to a 10,000 acre tract of land in this part of North Carolina in 1753 (known as the Wachovia Tract), they created the town of Salem.

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Walking through the streets in Old Salem

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Miksch House

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Traditional wood burning oven

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Sightseeing at Old Salem

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Dr. Samuel Benjamin Vierling at The Vierling House

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