Get Juiced!

I know you are wondering why I am writing about a juice drink and I normally would not, however it was so pretty I really wanted to post the picture!

I made this yummy and beautiful juice drink last weekend in our Breville juicer. (gotta use this thing now that we have it!). My husband recently purchased the juicer because juicing is supposed to have incredible health benefits. I also was thinking about going on a juicing detox plan, but gave up that idea. This stuff is tasty, but I cannot live on fruits and veggies alone! So instead, I tried a few of these wonderful beverages and this was probably one of the tastiest!

I had one of the most amazing Texas red grapefruits and beautiful fresh raspberries, so I decided to pop them in the juicer and make this healthy beverage! The inspiration for this drink (appropriately called Color Me Pink) came from The Complete Book of Juicing by Michael T. Murray, N.D. According to Dr. Murray this drink is rich in flavonoids, so if you are looking to boost yours, then this is the drink for you!

Now I do have to say that I love grapefruit and especially the Texas red ones. Their season is short, so you need to get them while you can. A regular red grapefruit will work just as well if you can no longer find the Texas red ones. If you use a Breville juicer, the pulp will be discarded, but you can certainly add it back to the drink if you like your juice with pulp.

I do think that this would be fine to make in a high speed blender. You might have a few chunks of fruit, but that is not so bad, is it? You may also need to add a few ice cubes to the blender. I even added a few ice cubes to mine and tossed it in the blender after the juicing to make it cold.

If you do make this in a juicer, I suggest straining it because of the raspberry seeds. It would have been nice to not have the seeds at the bottom of the glass! Depending on your blender (if that is what you use to make this), it might be more difficult to strain the drink since the fruit will not be completely pulverized as it is with a juicer. I also added some agave nectar to cut the tartness. Honey or Stevia would work as well.

This was extremely tasty, so if you are looking for a great way to start your day, I suggest giving this a try!

Here is my adaptation of this simple recipe:

Color Me Pink

Adapted from The Complete Book of Juicing


1 cup raspberries
1/2 pink grapefruit, peeled
Sweetener to taste
Ice cubes (optional)


Juice the raspberries first and then the grapefruit.

That’s it! Dr. Murray suggests leaving the white pith on the grapefruit since that is what is rich in flavonoids and you want to be sure to get those in your drink! 😉

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