Carolina Caviar – A Visit to Atlantic Caviar and Sturgeon Company in Happy Valley, North Carolina

Like truffles, it takes time to produce this highly sought after specialty product and that involves high investment and risk.  Luxury comes at a price.  Caviar is sold by the gram with current prices ranging from $2 to $5 per gram, depending on the type and grade.  Each fish will produce from one to three kilograms of roe.  Do the math and you can see that these are very valuable fish, typically worth $5,000 to  $10,000 each.

The caviar is cleaned, salted, weighed, packaged and sold in air tight banded tins of various sizes.

They clean and then weigh the caviar

They clean and then weigh the caviar

The caviar is salted before its packaged into tins

The caviar is salted before it’s packaged into tins

It's quickly mixed in by hand for even distribution

The salt is quickly mixed in the roe by hand for even distribution

The next time you have champagne wishes and caviar dreams, be sure to reach out to this local sturgeon farmer and enjoy some of the finest caviar in the world.  Don’t forget to chase it with a dry Champagne.  Champagne is the only wine that will preserve the delicate taste of caviar when served off the hand or on a blini or wafer.  When serving with oysters or accompaniments like cucumber and onion, a very dry white wine, like a white Burgundy, is an excellent choice.

Filling the tins

Filling the tins


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