Food Artisans and Farmers Speak Out For a Food Hero

To paraphrase Brigham Young - A good man, is a good man, whether in church, or out of it. 

Mr. B and I traveled the back roads of Tennessee and North Carolina this year with the intent of writing a story about the best of the region's food artisans and farmers.  While their stories were inspiring and we have already written several articles, there was a much larger and quite unexpected story that emerged.

There is a backstory in the culinary world about a chef that has quietly impacted the lives of so many chefs, farmers, and artisans in the Southeast.  In today’s culinary world dominated by chefs and individuals seeking recognition for their own work, Chef John Fleer has always been the spokesperson for others.  This is a story of how one individual can enter a person’s life, cause a turning point, inspire a career, create a new path, or accelerate the one they were on.

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