Our Summer Organic Garden Project

Here is the breakdown of what has been planted so far and where:

Raised bed
Jerusalem Artichokes
Frigitello Peppers
Red Bell Peppers
Padron Peppers
Easter Egg Radishes (from seeds)
Berggarten Sage
French Tarragon
Lemon Verbena
Flat Leaf Parsley
English Wedgewood Thyme
Italian Oregano

What has been planted in the raised bed so far

What has been planted in the raised bed so far

In pots
Lemon Thyme
Kentucky Colonel Spearmint
Sweet Lavender
Sungold Tomatoes
Rosella Purple Tomatoes
Rainbow Treasures Strawberries


Sweet Lavender

Seeds that have been started in egg crates
From Monticello:
English Lavender
Sweet Basil
Garden Thyme
Long Island Mammoth Dill

From Garden In The Koop:
Basil Genovese
Slat Leaf Parsley
Sweet Marjoram

Jefferson's Garden seeds

Jefferson’s Garden seeds

Steps to preparing a raised bed:

  • Remove any plants, shrubs, weeds, loosen soil, and level the ground
  • Build a one foot tall frame using natural cedar, never any treated wood (we also built a taller frame with a fence and gate to protect the bed from critters)
  • Apply a base of organic soil with the ground dirt
  • Fill with six inches of organic potting mix (for beds) on top of the soil
  • Install a drip irrigation system (we used one with a timer and humidity control)
  • Cover with a natural vented weed barrier
  • Slit cloth barrier by irrigation slots and place the plants by the slots

If you have a problem with critters, you will want to use netting.  Add bells to discourage squirrels and other animals, if needed.

Build a fence if you need to keep critters out

Build a fence if you need to keep critters out

Use an irrigation system on a timer

Use an irrigation system on a timer

Use a natural barrier cloth to control weeds

Use a natural weed barrier to control weeds

If you follow Bunkycooks on Instagram or are a personal friend of mine on Facebook, you will recognize some of these photos from this post.  They were taken with an iPhone.  I will continue to document our progress throughout the summer and into the fall as we change over some of the vegetables that are planted in the garden.  We will also talk about the challenges we face as we travel and try to maintain the garden.  It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

While we aren’t growing anything in large amounts, we look forward to enjoying some of our own homegrown herbs and produce and sharing it with you in some recipes in the coming months!

Be sure to ask to be my friend on Facebook or follow me on Instagram for more updates.


Easter Egg Radishes have germinated in just a few days

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