Culinary Cruise on board the Celebrity Eclipse – Savor Your Destination – Part 1

We were invited to some special activities by Captain Panagiotis Skylogiannis while we were on board the Celebrity Eclipse.  We toured the Navigation Bridge which was quite an experience. It was very impressive to have a glimpse of the sea from the Officer’s perspective as well as to see the high tech navigation equipment that controls this massive ship.

New friends and the Navigation Bridge with First Officer Tom Kane

We also had an invitation to dine at the Captain’s Table in Moonlight Sonata on the last formal evening by the Hotel Director of the Eclipse, Mr. Bernhard Stacher.  We met another one of the officers from Greece, Ms. Fani Kechagia, who is the Financial Controller of the Eclipse.  We had a delightful evening meeting everyone at our table.

Dinner at the Captain’s Table

* Photo was taken by one of the ship’s photographers

With Bernard Stacher and Fani Kechagia

We found that there were certain people that we kept seeing at the events we attended because we shared a common interest.  The appreciation of great food and wine is a common thread that brings people together.  These people also wanted to learn new cooking techniques or taste wines that they were not familiar with.  Most of all, they wanted to have fun and enjoy some exceptional food and wine and we very much enjoyed learning, laughing and being with them.

Bunky and Mr. B

Thank you so much to the staff on board the Celebrity Eclipse for your hospitality, in particular, everyone in the food and beverage areas.  I also have to mention that the staff, crew and Officers on the Eclipse were truly delightful and their service and attentiveness was outstanding.

Mornings at sea

Disclosure – We received a media package from Celebrity Cruises to experience the Savor the Destination culinary cruise.   I am not compensated in any way for any articles written about the trip and the opinions expressed are my own.


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