Visiting the City Farmers’ Market in Asheville with the Chefs from The Grove Park Inn

Visiting the City Farmers’ Market in Asheville with the Chefs from The Grove Park Inn

And even BIGGER dogs! He is a Briard.

They have happy goats!

Bunky and Mark Ramirez look really serious for people having fun!

There is such a great sense of community in Asheville. I have actually read a number of articles since our visit and I believe that many visitors feel the same way we did. So, Asheville…you better watch out! The Bunkycooks may be headed your way some day (and not just to visit!).

She said it was okay to take this photo!

Chef Connor got the good stuff!

This trip to the farmers’ market was definitely one of the highlights of our visit. It was interesting to talk with the local farmers about what they were doing. They were also very excited to hear about the series of articles I am writing on the smaller farms focusing on local produce and foods.

It was obvious that many relationships were already in place with many of these farmers, but the chefs are always being introduced to new farmers when something catches their eye as they wander through the market.

Chef Connor likes to play with food just like the Bunkycooks do!

Once all the produce and cheeses were gathered up, the chefs went back to the hotel with just an hour or two to prepare the brunch. Of course, the Bunkycooks were obnoxious and took more photos in the kitchen went back into the kitchen to see some of the dishes being prepared. There were several salads and vegetable dishes that we saw go right from the farmers’ baskets to our plates for the brunch!

Abel Tovar is so photogenic! He needs to be on the Food Network!

There were so many wonderful fruits and vegetables to choose from that day. I am glad that I wasn’t the one having to make choices. I was out of town and wasn’t cooking! That’s what all those chefs are for!

The pictures were so much fun, I just had to totally bore you with most of them to include a few of them (you should have seen all the ones I did not include!).

Thank you again to The Grove Park Inn and all of theirs chefs and kitchen staff for putting up with the annoying Bunkycooks allowing us to spend some really quality time with them to see how they connect with the local farmers and the community. It was a great experience and we had a wonderful visit!

This is where some of the cheese from the happy goats landed!

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