Travel Planning Made Easy – An Introduction to MyGola


Where do you want to go?  Close your eyes and picture your next destination for a vacation.  Is it Europe, Asia, or perhaps Australia?  Maybe it is somewhere more specific, like Barcelona.

Which country do you want to visit?  Which city in that country?  What do you want to do once you get there?  Do you have enough time?  How do you organize your day, your week?

Many of us are inspired to explore and experience far away places, but lack the intimate knowledge of what to do once we get there.  Sure, there are travel guides that we can access or internet sites that tell us more about a specific destination, but all of this takes lots of time and coordinated planning.  Typically, all we know is we want to spend so many days in a certain country or visit certain cities.  Searching the web for details of how to put the trip together can be a trying experience and often lacks important details.

A blog will tell you about a great art exhibit, but will not tell you that it is closed during your trip dates.  Your friends will tell you about a great park to visit, but they would not realize that everything else that you want to see is in the opposite corner of the city.  There is so much information that you need to have for your trip – flight times, hotel check-in times, where to go, what to see, how to get there…and right now you have to work hard to collect all that information and then connect it to make your trip work.


Enter  This website is designed to help you create custom travel plans in just minutes.  It starts with where you want to go and how much time you want to spend there.  With these two pieces of information, the mygola tool can help you customize a travel itinerary to fill your days with the sites and attractions that most interest you based on the recommendations and experiences of seasoned travelers.  The best thing about mygola is that it is free to use.


The intelligent planner automatically takes your choices to create a custom plan while taking care of distances, business hours, and a number of other constraints to ensure the final itinerary is very feasible.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s fun.

2_Search Page 3_Planner

We were contacted by and introduced to several months ago.  They found our site because we travel frequently and plan and host culinary tours.  They wanted to help promote our tour to Jefferson’s Virginia and we were so impressed with their travel planning tool that we decided to share it with our readers.

A few of the highlights of the tool include maps, schedules, photos, and time allowed for attractions, and the ability to dynamically change and update your itinerary.

Mygola Screenshot

Rather than try to describe it all here, we recommend you try it.  Go to and start with “Where Do You Want To Go?” and let the website guide you on a virtual tour as your create your custom itinerary.

5_Itinerary viewer

Enjoy your travels!

* Disclosure – We were introduced to by one of their founders.  We found their travel planning tool to be very unique and wanted to share it with our readers.  We were in no way compensated for writing this article and the opinions expressed here, as always, are our own.


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