Ten in 2010 – Week 7 Update (California, here I come!)

This is my weekly update on the Ten in 2010 Challenge, which is a group of bloggers who have committed to getting healthy in the first 10 weeks of the new year.

It is always good to have a goal when trying to stick with a diet. My last real goal was to get slim and trim for a big trip to Europe last October. I did what I needed to do, reached my goal and even stayed the same weight while I was gone (probably because we walked so much). The next goal I had was to squeeze into this awesome dress that I purchased for a wedding. I did it and the dress looked great! I am sure that would be a bit of a challenge right now to get into that dress, so I am glad that is not the current goal! 😉

My new goal is to loose a few pounds and get in better shape for a trip to California! Going on a trip is always great inspiration to get moving and eat healthier foods, so this should work! I am actually going to Camp Blogaway in Southern California in May! Sunny California, here I come!

I do not know how things have been going with your eating habits, but mine have been out of control this week. Valentine’s Day seemed to turn into Valentine’s week and it was really ugly! Dinner out, cooking in…it just did not matter. It was all bad! The snow and cold weather sure did not help with trying to stay on track. All I wanted to do was cook and eat and sip wine and stay warm…so I did! My hubby even said yesterday that we have to give all the food a rest! He went backwards with his diet plans this week as well.

The good news is that yesterday was 60 degrees and the weekend is supposed to be just as warm. Yeah! We will be able to get out and walk and get moving. No more slugs sitting around inside the house!

I am excited to go to Camp Blogaway and meet new friends and learn how to do this blogging stuff better. It should be great fun and very informative. It will definitely inspire me to do what I need to do to get back into some Summer duds and get where I need to be with my weight and exercise situation.

I have a little over 2 months and I am determined. I am going back to my original commitment to eat healthier foods EVERY DAY and exercise at least 5 days a week. If I can stick with the plan, I should be where I need to be by May and ready to head to California!

I hope you are having success with your own Ten in 2010 Challenge and that there is a trip or event in your future that keeps you inspired to keep on going with your lifestyle change.

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