Stuffed Portobello Mushroom – A Meal for One!

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom – A Meal for One!

You will never guess what I did this weekend! Mr. Bunkycooks and I went to hang out in the woods and the mountains of North Carolina!

Now I know that you are wondering why on Earth I would choose to do such a thing after just having been to Camp Blogaway last weekend with my big camping experience in the San Bernadino mountains in California. As if I didn’t have enough of the altitude sickness, thin air and the wild animals (well, they weren’t really that wild…).

Anyway, this weekend we were only at 4,200 feet (not 7,000 as we were in California), so I did just fine with the altitude issue. That 2,800 feet in altitude change makes a huge difference in how you feel. And yes, there are bears and such in North Carolina, but I didn’t see any (although sometimes they do come around to the back deck, especially when I am cooking). Frankly, this weekend was to relax, visit with friends and catch up on all the Foodbuzz emails things I fell behind on while I was out in California. It was nice to take it easy and just kind of hang out. We all need some down time.

I actually had quite a bit of free time on Saturday because I was a golf widow alone most of the day. Now, other than spending way too much time on my computer, I am not a real relaxed kind of gal. In other words, I cannot sit still! They used to call that “ants in the pants” when I was a kid and now they call it ADD and treat it with Ritalin or Addrerall, but I am way beyond that. Wine works just as well!

So, what does a hyperactive food blogger do when they cannot sit still? They cook and take pictures! Yes, I took pictures of food (of course), but I also wandered outside to enjoy the day and take a few photos. It was such a beautious day…the great outdoors was beckoning me and I just had to go outside and take advantage of it.

I am just not sure what to say about this!

When I finished playing outside, I was ravenous just a wee bit hungry, so I took the infamous peek into the fridge to see what was for lunch! Nothing was exciting to me except for the portobello mushrooms. Surely I could do something with them. (If not, then I am in serious trouble!) I also had some beautiful green onions and a red pepper from the farmer’s market, so I thought I would use them, too.

I grabbed a handful of some of my herbs that I planted in the hillside and in some pots a few years ago. They return year after year with no effort (that’s my kind of plant!)! After some futzing with a few different ingredients, I had a delicious lunch just for me! You can easily double or quadruple this recipe if you need to, but heh, I was all alone, so the recipe is for one! It also would be incredible with some sauteed sausage, cooked ground pork or well-seasoned ground turkey thrown in with the rest of the filling if you want a heartier meal. This would be perfect served with a lovely salad for an easy summer dinner. If you love to grill, you could also cook much of this outdoors.

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