Southern Rockefellas for the Lambs & Clams Cooking Contest

You may have seen my recipe post for the Southern Rockefellas come through on Wednesday.  This is my second entry in the Lambs & Clams Cooking Contest with BB&T’s Charleston Wine & Food Festival.  I included a link to vote in that post, however, the link was not working until this morning.

Here is the original post with with the recipe and description of these Southern “fellas.”

Here is the link to vote.

If you like my Southern Rockefellas, I would appreciate your vote in this contest.  You need to go to Facebook and first “Like” the Charleston Food and Wine Festival’s page.  You will then be able to access the link to vote on the Lambs & Clams Cooking Contest page.  From that page, you can “Vote” using the vote button just below the banner on the top right.  Voting is now open.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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