Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

This past July we went On the Road to Savannah, Georgia to do a photo shoot and some other work for Bunkycooks.  As you may know, we love Savannah and had just been there in April for Go Savor.  With a little free time on our hands this visit, we decided to visit the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge just a few minutes outside of the city.

The Savannah Wildlife Refuge is situated on the Georgia and South Carolina sides of the Savannah River.  Established in 1927, it is home to a number of waterfowl including ducks, geese and shorebirds.  You may also see a number of endangered or threatened species during your visit including bald eagles, wood storks and manatees.  The refuge is a nesting area for great horned owls, bald eagles and osprey, to name a few.

I love animals and wildlife and enjoy the great outdoors.  However, it was pretty steamy weather during our visit in July, so we had hoped to drive our car through the wildlife preserve where you can see the birds and animals in the comfort of your air-conditioned vehicle, including the alligators basking in the sun.  Unfortunately, that trail was closed during our visit, so we parked the car at one of the outposts and took a hike on foot through a section of the preserve.

I am fascinated by alligators.  I don’t know why, but I am always hoping to catch a glimpse of one when we travel to coastal parts of Georgia, South Carolina or Florida.  I guess it’s the thrill of the pursuit, but then, what are you planning to do when you see one?

I found out on this particular day as we no sooner pulled up to some swampy water at the preserve and there they were.  I couldn’t get back in the car fast enough!  Alligators are incredibly quick and can lurch out of that water faster than you can get away from them.  I have heard that they can run somewhere between 15 to 35 miles an hour.  I was not in the mood to find out if that is true, so I initially moved far enough away that it wouldn’t matter.  I got a wee bit braver as time wore on…

We spent the next hour walking the trail at the nature preserve with me jumping at every slight noise fully expecting to see a gator coming towards me.  Luckily, they stayed in the swamp water, we got our photos and headed off to the next adventure.  The story from that adventure is coming later this week and you won’t believe who we met and what we did this time! 😉

When you are in Savannah, be sure to take some time to enjoy the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.  It is a great way to spend part of a day while visiting the area.

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