Peppermint Stick Ice Cream and a video for my 2 Year Blogaversary!

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Yesterday was my 2nd year blogaversary.  Yay!  It is hard to believe that I have been at this for two years and what a ride it has been from that first post on November 23, 2009 that was titled “Hello.  Is anyone out there?“!  In fact, I almost called today’s post “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” because it seemed quite fitting after all of our On the Road experiences (and you may recall that I do like Dr. Seuss). 😉

Blogging is much like marriage, I have decided.  The first year is really tough and you struggle with your new life and how it fits with what you used to know as “normal”.  You get frustrated and want to quit and cannot seem to figure out how to manage all the new responsibilities and still lead a normal life.  Then, the second year becomes easier and you settle into a groove of sorts.

This anniversary is very different for me than the last one.  Yes, I still get upset with some of the things I see in the blogosphere in general.  I spoke about some of those topics on a panel at the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) in New Orleans in August.  I don’t agree with everything that goes on out there in the food blogging world, but I have decided to do what I think is valuable and quality work and that good things will happen.

I also continue my love-hate relationship with some of the food photography sites after two years.  I wish they would  just say what they really think rather than making excuses like “too tight” or “lighting/exposure” or “composition”, especially when I see what they do accept.  How about saying “I just really don’t like your picture today” or  “I had a really late night last night and the photo of your food is making me kinda sick.”  It would make those rejection emails far more interesting.  😉

Will they accept or reject this photo?


How about this one?

Maybe this one?

I have also learned to “just say no” to Twitter and Facebook and all the other social media.  Yes, I might miss some things by not constantly interacting on these sites (just like you did when you were a kid and missed school for a day), but, guess what, everyone will be out to play again tomorrow.  I have chosen to spend more time enjoying the people that are here with me in the room and get outdoors and enjoy the day rather than worrying about my hits or some other “measure of success”.

If you don’t already know this, I am really quite the sentimental sap.  I get all teary-eyed at sad movies (especially involving animals), I cry at chick flicks (even Pretty Woman after 100 times!) and get all choked up over anniversaries and weddings.  Well, this 2nd anniversary has me choked up a bit, especially after Mr. B spent all day and night yesterday working on this incredible video as a surprise for me.  There are even some teasers for some people and places that I have not written about yet.

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