On the Road to Madison, Wisconsin and The Dane County Farmers’ Market

Roger and I went on a bit of a different adventure this past weekend to spend some time with family in Madison, Wisconsin.  We left town with no computer and were only equipped with an iPad, phones and cameras.  We decided it was time to unwind a bit and just take in the local scenery and visit with my stepdaughter and her husband who are in graduate programs at The University of Wisconsin.

I had never been to Wisconsin and was pleasantly surprised at what a beautiful place it is.  Wisconsin is known as “America’s Dairyland” and it most definitely lived up to that name considering all the dairy farms and cheese we ate saw!  Some of the local specialties include cheese curds and fried cheese…it’s a cheese lover’s paradise!  The people there even call themselves Cheeseheads…but I won’t go there. 😉

How about some fried cheese in several flavors? It was awesome!

Of course, Wisconsin is also known for its beer and brats and we had our share of both of those along with the cheese.  I will have several posts this week on the sights of Madison to share with you.  We had such a great time and can’t wait to return.  The weather was spectacular during our visit and a nice break from the 100 degree days we have experienced in Atlanta this summer.

There is even a garden growing on the Capitol grounds!

Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, is overflowing with lots of local color, beautiful farms and scenery, especially at the Dane County Farmer’s Market.  This Farmers Market is the largest producer-only Farmers’ Market in the country.  It takes place every Saturday morning and wraps around the entire Capitol Square.  Now, of course, you knew we had to go there!

The market is year-round and will move indoors from November to April.  Thousands of people show up every weekend, so you need to get there early if you are going to go and you most certainly should go if you are visiting the area.   It was the most incredible market we have ever seen!

Authentic Kettle Korn stirred and popped in a huge pot and served hot.


Ward off vampires with all of this garlic!

This hibiscus was just gorgeous.

All the flowers were beautiful.

The Heirloom tomatoes were at their peak during our visit.

The beets and root veggies were all so colorful.

The hats were pretty colorful, too.

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