On the Road to Louisville, Kentucky


We have been traveling again (are you really surprised at that?) and this time we went to Louisville, Kentucky!  The above photograph was taken from the Indiana side of the Ohio River.

Typically, when we think of Kentucky, we think of horses, bourbon and food.  There was a time when we thought of tobacco, but now those farms are transitioning to different crops.

We went to Louisville to find some of the best of what Kentucky is known for and will be sharing this with you over the next several weeks.

Louisville is known as the Derby City and with good reason.  After all, who hasn’t heard of The Kentucky Derby?  We didn’t take a photo of Churchill Downs and would rather share some images of the rest of Louisville that some of you may not be familiar with for our Monday post.

City of Louisville taken from the Waterfront Park

Main Street contains some of the most historic buildings in Louisville and is best known for the iron works on many of the buildings.

Architecture on Main Street

4th Street Mall

Louisville Horse Art Project

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) is one of the most recognized figures from Louisville.

Muhammad Ali is still a resident of Louisville

The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts was architecturally designed to reflect the old and new of Louisville.  If you look carefully at the reflecting facade, you will see the historic Main Street buildings (on the left) and the corporate towers on the right.

Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

Hilliard and Bradsby, makers of the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats, used by most professional baseball players are now located in Louisville.  They were located in Indiana until recently.  Go figure…

Louisville Slugger Museum and factory on Main Street in Louisville

The Water Tower in Louisville was built in 1856.  It is the oldest ornamental water tower in the world.  It was built before the Chicago Water Tower and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Water Tower on River Road

Now, we are talking…how about a little Maker’s Mark?  As you know, I like to throw a little booze in my food every now and then (I might even drink some, too), so naturally, I would end with this! 😉 Kentucky is known for its bourbon and you might guess that we had a sip or two while we were in the state!

Makers Mark Restaurant on 4th Street Mall

We were so impressed with the city of Louisville.  It is a beautiful city that was extremely friendly and inviting.  The outskirts of the city are so green and the farms are just gorgeous.  I just might have to go back sometime soon!  Maybe we will move there…you never know!

I can’t wait to share our adventures from Louisville and the surrounding area, so stay tuned.

Enjoy your week!

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