On the Road to Crystal Pines Alpaca Farm in Carthage, North Carolina – Part Two

Do you remember the Alpaca boom years ago? They told us that some Alpacas that in the past would sell for $2,000 were being sold for $800,000. Many people made a good bit of money during the run up in price, but many others lost everything when it crashed.  oe and Ursula have always done this for the love of the animals. They do sell some of the wool from the Alpacas’ coats and it makes some mighty soft and toasty warm sweaters and socks. I know…I bought some while we were there. 🙂

What a gorgeous pup…just don’t try to take one of his Alpacas!

Just a big baby…

If you visit an Alpaca farm you should be warned that if they get a bit feisty they will spit on you (and it stinks!), so my suggestion is to keep your distance. I’m just sayin’…

Watch out for that spit!

I will probably not be posting anything else until Thursday this week since we will be very busy on another On the Road adventure.

Enjoy your week!







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