On the Road to Berks County, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia

We have been visiting with some of my aunts and uncles from my dad’s side of the family this weekend in Pennsylvania.  Both of my parents are gone, so it has been really important for me to stay connected to the rest of the family.  Unfortunately, we do not get together often, so it is really special when we do.

My one aunt and uncle own a restaurant in Berks County, so you can be certain that we had some great food this past weekend.  They have been preparing and serving local foods as much as possible since they first opened 36 years ago, so the things that people are really taking notice of now (the farm to table movement) has always been a way of life for them.

Berks County is in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country and it is beautiful.  There are farms and rolling hills every where you look.  Many of the homes and barns are over 200 years old.

There are covered bridges throughout the countryside.

The Amish and Mennonite Markets were fun to visit.  They had all sorts of great cheeses, meats and produce.  You can even purchase raw milk in Pennsylvania.

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