Mountain Mondays

Mountain Mondays

When we left the mountains at the end of the year, we were hoping for for warmer temperatures and sunshine in Atlanta.  That has not been the case so far this Winter.  We woke up to five inches of snow this morning, sleet and freezing temperatures.  In fact, Mr. Bunkycooks said this is the second biggest snowfall he has seen in Atlanta in sixteen years.

North Carolina was actually very pretty when we left and the skies were blue.  Maybe we should head back up to get away from the snow!

Maybe not…they had ten inches of snow last night.  Can we book a flight to St. Maarten?  Oh, that’s right…the airport is closed. 🙁

There was no snow in the mountains when we left!

These are the kinds of days that you stay inside, play in the kitchen and read a good book by the fire.  If you are snowed in, I hope you enjoy your time at home!

We went to the Christmas Parade in the mountains.

This wiseman looked pretty authentic to me!

We left sunny skies and a slight bit of rain in the mountains to come back to SNOW in Atlanta!

A tree in our backyard in Atlanta

Bunkycooks' big fan, good friend and neighbor Barb with her dog Riley.

Snow everywhere!

I measured the snow at 5 inches!

Stay safe (especially if you have snow and ice where you are) and have a great week!

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