Jalapeno Sauce and Eagle Heights Community Garden in Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for beer, brats and dairy products, especially cheese.  If you read Bunkycooks on Monday, you will know that Madison, Wisconsin is also known for its Dane County Farmer’s Market.  It is the largest producer-only market in the country.

We were very impressed with the market and the varieties of produce, flowers, cheeses and other items sold there and wish we had something like it in Atlanta.  With hundreds of vendors and thousand of visitors, it was pretty spectacular.

My stepdaughter and her husband visit the Farmers’ Market almost every Saturday morning and then they spend part of the rest of their weekend tending to and picking their own berries, vegetables and herbs at their garden located at Eagle Heights Community Garden.

This community garden sits right near the campus of The University of Wisconsin and is owned by the school.  Looking over the many acres dedicated to this community garden, it seemed endless.  We watched the gardeners come and go as they tended to their plots and took home the fruits of their labor.

Angela and Jim have a standard size plot, which is approximately 20’ X 25’.  They pay $35 per year to be able to plant what they choose to and maintain this plot.  The community provides the tools and water for their use.

This has been a tough growing season with the extreme heat, but Angela and Jim did have success with their onions, garlic, carrots, beets, tomatoes, radishes, lettuces, peppers and various herbs.  That sounds pretty good to me! 🙂

We had these carrots for dinner

We took home some carrots, beets, basil and jalapeño peppers last Saturday.  After a stop at the Willy Street Co-op for some local grassfed N.Y. Strip Steaks to throw on the grill for Mr. Bunkycooks birthday dinner, Jim whipped up a Jalapeño Sauce for the steaks.  I must admit that when he said jalapeño I thought it would be really hot and spicy and an odd combination with the steak.  I was wrong.  It was a perfect accompaniment to meat and not just steak.  It was tasty enough that I decided to make it again and share the recipe with you!

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