Food Blog Forum Atlanta – Two Thumbs Up!

Food Blog Forum Atlanta – Two Thumbs Up!

Wow! It’s hard to believe that Food Blog Forum is over! After months of planning, the response from attendees of Food Blog Forum was two thumbs up! (By the way, Mr. Bunkycooks happened to catch Chef Rathbun doing that at the kick-off party Friday night, so we couldn’t resist using this photo!) While I know you cannot please everyone, I do think that the attendees that came to our event in Atlanta this weekend had a really great time and learned a lot.

I actually came across the first email contact that I had with Jaden Hair (Steamy Kitchen) this morning. Back in May, I asked if she would be interested in bringing Food Blog Forum to Atlanta and she said yes! Putting this event together was so much hard work fun! It’s sort of like planning a party in high school and hoping everyone will come…and they did!

Pouring wine at The Viking Store Atlanta

Chef Donna Brousseau (Viking) and Chef Kevin Rathbun (Rathbun’s, Atlanta)

I have to thank both Jaden Hair (Steamy Kitchen) and Diane Cu (White on Rice Couple) for being so wonderful to work with! Diane and I must have exchanged hundreds of emails over the course of the last few months. It was pretty crazy, but I am so glad that we did this. It was great to finally have a food blogger’s conference in the Southeast!

Jaden Hair (Steamy Kitchen) and Me!

Alison Lewis, Virginia Willis and Debra Smith

I also want to thank everyone that attended Food Blog Forum (many of you from far away!) and our sponsors. None of this would have been possible without all of you! Getting to meet and network with other food bloggers and sponsors is definitely one of the benefits of coming to these events (besides the wine, food, swag and giveaways, of course!).

Now, to show you some of the fun…here is my recap of the festivities!

Chef Jessica Ray (she is the pasta making master!), Chef Donna Brousseau and Me

Rob and Harry Beecham from Montaluce Winery -They brought the good stuff!

Our kick-off party Friday evening was hosted by The Viking Store in Atlanta. They truly went above and beyond anything that I could have anticipated! Thank you so much to Chef Donna Brousseau for coordinating the whole evening and preparing all sorts of delightful food! Thank you also to Chef Jessica Ray for all the great pasta dishes and to Analia Serebrenik for managing the store that evening. I know that we kept you there late. I hope you got to eat and drink all of the leftovers!

Rawle, Patti and Yasin from Tank Goodness Atlanta – They brought cookies!

Reginald Warner – Thank you for all of your help!

Of course, a huge thank you goes to Whole Foods and Montaluce Winery for providing wine and cheese for the evening (this would include some cheeses from our other sponsors at Woolwich and Jarlsberg). You all were extremely supportive of the event! A big thank you also to Tank Goodness Atlanta for some of the best cookies I have ever had. Mercy!

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