Enchantment Resort & Mii amo Spa – Sedona, AZ and a Recipe for Gingered Yams

The other option is to check in at one of the 16 luxury guest rooms or suites at Mii amo.  In this case, guests can book a minimum of three days for an all-inclusive spa and wellness experience tailored to their specific needs.   The name Mii amo is derived from the Native American word for Journey and many people come here to experience the spiritual and physical healing that a stay at the spa can offer.  The full-time guests at Mii amo have access to all of the amenities at the spa, including indoor and outdoor pools with views of the canyon, a fitness center, and tranquil library; all of which are housed in the calming and rejuvenating spa environment.

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* Entrance to Mii amo

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* Great hall at Mii amo

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* Indoor pool at Mii amo

The ideal experience, we found, was to enjoy the best that both Enchantment and Mii amo had to offer.  As with our other stays in Arizona, we exercised on our own and did a lot of walking around the property.  We also attended a cooking demo and lunch at Mii amo, learned about organic gardening at the property’s garden, and had local wildlife sightings with a mother Mule Deer and her three does. The next day, I explored the property beginning with the Morning Ritual at the Crystal Grotto (more on that later), followed by breakfast from the smoothie bar at Mii amo, finishing with some relaxation and work time poolside at Enchantment.  Meanwhile, Mr. B went golfing where he shared the following story.

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Poolside at Enchantment with a view of the Red Rocks

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We encountered this momma Mule Deer with her does several times during our stay

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