Creme Brulee for Valentine’s Day!

I do believe that it is true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! That would work for my hubby anyway! Creme brulee is certainly one of those foods that has him wanting more, so what better dessert would there possibly be to serve for Valentine’s Day dinner than creme brulee?! 😉

I have even had men, whose hearts I am not at all interested in, asking me to make my creme brulee when we invite friends over for dinner. Maybe French origins have to do with the seductiveness of the dessert. There obviously is something about creme brulee…and I will not go down that road in this post!

If you are not interested in getting the guy and you are trying to get the girl…CHOCOLATE! Just forget all the other sweet stuff and buy the darkest and finest chocolate you can. Truffles with some yummy fillings are especially desirable, but chocolate works for sure!

Anyway, back to creme brulee. I have tried other recipes and have not cared for them at all. I even ended up with a kitchen disaster on one particular occasion. I won’t name names of chefs, but I wondered when the recipe called for a total of 9 eggs with 3 cups of cream…Hmmm….Scrambled eggs is what I got! What a total nightmare!

Any other recipes that I have tried have left me with creme brulees that have either been less creamy, too eggy in taste or breakfast, so here is my highly recommended recipe for this sexy French dessert. Go with Ina! Her recipe is foolproof, as long as you follow directions! Click here to view the recipe.

I did not change or adapt a thing on this recipe. We like our creme brulee just straight up plain like it was meant to be! No pumpkin, no fruit cooked in the middle…just pure cream, eggs, sugar and vanilla (maybe spiked with a touch of cognac!). Ina adds the cognac and I have to say we do really enjoy the flavor. The only fancy thing I did was cook it in heart-shaped ramekins! Ahhhh….very romantic.

So, if you are feeling amorous (and certainly that extends beyond Valentine’s Day!), I suggest you whip up a batch of this creme brulee and you just might find your way into that someone special’s heart! If, however, you are pressed for time, pop a cork on some champagne, it might just do the trick! 😉


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