City Park in New Orleans – The quieter side of the city

I am taking a break from cooking and recipes associated with Mardi Gras today to show you the quieter side of New Orleans.  I have made Creole Jambalaya, King Cake and a few Sazeracs, so I have definitely paid my tribute to the Carnival season!


As you may know, tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, so I am sure the city of New Orleans is pretty wound up right about now with all sorts of revelers, festivities and people having way too much fun. When we were there a week ago, the city was just beginning the parades and parties associated with Mardi Gras, so we missed all of the big fun.

There are many beautiful serene places and moments to be found in New Orleans. One of them is City Park, which is a short drive from the French Quarter. We are sharing some of the photos from our visit to City Park with you today along with a few other quiet moments from our trip to the Crescent City.

Everyone says "bottoms up" during Mardi Gras...even the ducks!

Jackson Square

The Capitol Building

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Enjoy your week!





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