A Little Time Away for Beamer

I thought I would be writing about a chef or recipe today, but instead, I am going to talk about the only thing that is on my mind right now.  Our dog Beamer.

I do not like bringing too much of my personal life into this space.  Personal is just that.  However, I wanted to let you know why things may be quiet around here for the next few days.

Beamer, our Tibetan Terrier,  has been with us for ten years and is definitely our baby.  He has been through some very challenging times with us including Mr. B’s colon cancer (twice), numerous surgeries and all the recovery time from these illnesses.  He has been by our side every single moment and has been a loyal and comforting companion.  He has stolen our hearts.

Beamer was attacked by a raccoon in our backyard three weeks ago and things have not been the same since.  We had to rush him to the emergency vet in the middle of the night because the raccoon tore his upper lip.  We took him to one of the best vet hospitals in the area.  The doctor cleaned the wound, put in a few stitches and sent us home with pain medication and antibiotics.

Beamer was up to date on his shots, however, our regular vet recommended a rabies booster, which he was given the next morning.  After one other incident relating to his medication, we thought everything was okay until yesterday.

A few days ago, Mr. B noticed Beamer was struggling to get up steps and stand up.  By yesterday afternoon, he was not able to lift his hind quarters by himself, especially on hardwood or slippery surfaces.

We took him to our regular vet who referred us to the specialty hospital where he went the night he was injured.  After a thorough examination and blood work, they made the decision to quarantine Beamer, sending us home alone.  I was completely distraught fearing for my pup and what might happen to him.

Rabies or coonhound paralysis are two of the possibilities that were mentioned.  Both are very rare, especially after the preventative care Beamer had and the fact his shots are up to date (including the additional booster), but still a possibility.  Rabies is obviously fatal and coonhound paralysis has no cure.

After a sleepless night, we heard from the neurologist this morning.  Beamer’s condition was the same, so she said we could bring him home under careful watch and keep him quarantined here.  Her diagnosis was that he has a nonspecific neurological disorder that is causing the weakness in his hind quarters.

She is taking a less aggressive approach and wants to see what happens with his condition in the next several days.  He is not allowed to climb on furniture or up stairs and has been given some pain medication.  He is resting well this evening after a very stressful day yesterday.

The least we can do for our best friend and companion is focus on his health and well-being so that he can get back to being the frolicking and playful boy that he is.  That will take precedence over the computer and other blog related work for the next few days.  If you have a pet, I am sure you understand how we are feeling.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for Beamer’s speedy recovery.

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