72 Hours in Montréal

Plateau Mont-Royal

We spent much of our time in Plateau Mont-Royal with its young and funky vibe where you can experience everything from boutiques to galleries, to black box theater, and popular local food spots. This is a great neighborhood to wander and nibble.  And the first stop should be at Fairmount Bagel for one of Montréal’s famous bagels.

Faimount Bagel

Faimount Bagel

Montréal’s bagels, known to be the best in the world (move over New York!) are unique in that the dough is made with egg, they’re hand rolled, and then cooked in honey sweetened water. Baked in a wood fired oven, they’re often served piping hot when you order them. They’re very different from traditional New York bagels. These bagels are denser, smaller, have a hint of sweetness, and are chewier than the bagels found in the U.S. Get in line at this popular spot and grab a bagel or two. Slathered with cream cheese, they are a real treat.

Join the line to get a piping hot bagel fresh frm their wood fired oven

Join the line to get a piping hot bagel fresh frm their wood fired oven

After a warm bagel, take a stroll down the street and get in line for another popular local favorite, Kem CoBa’s artisanal ice cream. Owners Vincent Beck (a pastry chef) and Diem Ngoc Phan (a chocolatier) change their flavors frequently and are inspired by their backgrounds and travels around the globe. Flavors like Indian Chai Tea, refreshing lime-mint sorbet, and salted caramel have locals and visitors coming back again and again. They even have a Twitter account for updates on the length of the line. Follow @KemCobaLine when the craving hits and you’re screaming for ice cream.

Check their tweets @KemCobaLine to see how long the wait is!

Check their tweets @KemCobaLine to see how long the wait is!

Their ice cream is worth waiting for

Their ice cream is worth waiting for

Taking time out to sit and enjoy the ice cream

Take time out to sit and enjoy the ice cream

There’s nothing wrong with dessert before lunch or dinner since you might have to wait in another line to eat one of Montréal’s most famous foods, a smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s Deli. Just a few minutes away and located on what is known as “The Main” or Saint-Lawrence Boulevard in Plateau Mont-Royal, this Montréal landmark for over 80 years is the oldest delicatessen in Canada.

Get in line to enjoy one of Montréal's favorite cult foods, a smoked meet sandwich

Get in line to enjoy one of Montréal’s favorite cult foods, a smoked meat sandwich

Founded by Reuben Schwartz, a Jewish immigrant from Romania, in the late 1920s, this popular hot spot serves up several dishes like liver, steak, and chicken, but it’s the heaping sandwiches of smoked meat on rye with mustard that you really want to try. Similar to the pastrami we know in the U.S., but homemade, the meat is marinated in their own blend of herbs and spices for 10 days and then smoked the old-fashioned way and steamed. Served alongside a plate of crunchy tangy coleslaw and a sour pickle, this is a Montréal tradition that can’t be missed. Come hungry and bring cash since they don’t take credit cards or checks.

Schwartz's Smoked Meat Sandwich

Schwartz’s Smoked Meat Sandwich

Stay tuned for the rest of 72 Hours in Montréal – The Culinary Scene and what other attractions you should see and a suggestion for where to stay while in the city.

For more information on Montréal, please refer to their tourism and visitors website.

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